“Energizing the Universe: Explore the Fusion of Space and Energy with Our 3D Animation and Modeling. Witness the Cosmic Journey of Your Energy Drink in Mesmerizing Detail. From Nebulas to Energy Blasts, We Unleash the Power of Imagination. Transform Your Brand with Our Expertise. 🚀⚡ #SpaceEnergyDrink #3DAnimationMagic #TheCosmicSip”

3D Modeling, rendering, and animation of products are all done in the:
3Ds Max – Corona renderer – Photoshop – After Effects


Client: Night King (energy drink)
3D Artist: Sina Hedayati (PixyMind)
Creative Director: Saeed Djafari
Executive Producer: Hooman Naffat
Post Production: Saeed Djafari
Production house: Elect Studio